Neil believes in allowing your actions to speak for you. Here is what others have to say about Neil.

Hahaha and you say knowingly Mr Neal. I spent many nights being mad at you because you made me or rather pushed me through. Ahhh okay fine maybe really, really, really strongly encouraged me to look at some stuff work on some stuff and it wasn't until years later like many years later k fine I admit it .... like 15 freaking years later that I see how the process works. I really remember sitting at home after our session why do we have. Look at all this stuff and talk about all the stuff I don't want to I really, really didn't want to even have to remember those horrible times ever again but thank you for pushing me through it and encouraging me, cuz I have to say the life I have now is 500 times better today then what could have been had I not a looked at that stuff with you and continued on the path of looking at stuff I may not be here right now with my children and today they might not have a mother, my boyfriend, a girlfriend and my friends possibly would not have a friend


- November 2013
Trishsquierrel L Smith

Two and a half years ago, I was at "The Crossroads".
While I was enjoying a degree of success in my career, my personal life was foundering. I was about a mile offshore, bobbing up and down, trying to stay above the waves, but often not. I could still see the shore, but couldn't get there. Then the rogue wave hit--my family gave up on me.
The worst of times, but also the best, as it was right then that a friend put me in touch with Neil Tubb. I "met" Neil. I've not actually met Neil physically, or in person; we've only interacted by email and primarily by phone. Neil entered my life, introduced me to some rudimentary self preservation techniques, got me quickly out of my self pity and put me to work. Rehabilitating oneself is a lot more than reporting in to Neil once a week and sending in payment for his time.
Neil put me to work thinking, remembering, journalling, talking, forgiving, reading. "Bootcamp for the Soul".
It has meant the world to me.
Thank you Neil for without you I'd still be a self loathing, self medicating, wretch. I've at least been able to swim ashore. Oh yeah, and my wife has moved back in and I recently travelled with my three adult children, and my wife, to Britain, to attend my nephew's wedding.


- August 2012
Andy, Ontario

Neil is described by Michael Poole, documentary film director/maker and author; in his book Romancing Mary Jane: A Year In The Life Of A Failed Marijuana Grower (Greystone Books Publisher) as a “rumpled old sage of a guy who has experience with what he does.” (see page 138)

Michael went on with, “I kept a journal, read, meditated and carried out the work assignments Neil gave me.” ... “Healing became my fulltime job.” “Out of all this grew an understanding that I was not borne with a dependent personality, no one is. I had learned my addictive behavior from my family and only when I could see how and why that happened was I able to make my escape.” (see page 140 of Romancing Mary Jane)

Michael signed a copy of his book for Neil and wrote “In gratitude for giving me back my life.”

“Without the help, knowledge and dedication that Neil has shown me, I would still be in a lonely dark place. After two years and using the tools that Neil has taught me ... I truly feel like the real me. Neil has helped me to work through the unpleasantries of my past. I no longer go through the motions of day to day life on this earth ... I embrace and feel life everyday! The new energy that I am able to send out to others and invest in myself has truly paid off. Neil is a blessing to me is so many ways ...”



- August 2012

When I first came to Neil almost two years ago I was a lonely depressed person. My weight and eating were out of control. I was haunted and driven by my past experiences to the point of withdrawing and hiding from a world I was convinced could and would harm me given the chance. I chiefly used food as a mood altering device combined with my adult life-long “friend” beer. I have come to accept many of the defense strategies I learned over my life began at a very early age during my childhood. I’ve learned that these mechanisms were developed and practiced to protect me from a world I thought would destroy me did, in fact, rob me of the opportunity to actually live and enjoy life. I spent a lot of time and energy keeping these practices in place. The price I paid included relationships, my mental and physical health, my creativity, my ability to work .... the list can and does go on. I’ve learned the difference between normal and healthy ... what intimacy is ... the power of we, us, together as opposed to me, myself and I ... the role my ego plays in my life (that one I’m still working with) ... special and non special. I am learning to see my world through non-judgemental eyes ... it is what it is, not necessarily what I think it is. I am gaining the wisdom to recognize when I need help. I’ve reached out to a power greater than myself. I’ve become more spiritual over the process and the results have been truly amazing. I’ve come to realize and accept I’m a part of an infinite Cosmos: an individual yet a part of.

Today I am 162 pounds lighter and enjoying life each and every day. Where two years ago I was a candidate for bariatric surgery I am now achieving the results I want minus the surgery. With Neil’s very patient guidance I’ve discovered what it was that drove me to do the things I did that kept me in the rut I never dreamed I could escape all those decades of my life.

Thank you Neil.... thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ve not only reached out and helped in my becoming the person I was born to be; you’ve become one of my closest and most trusted friends.

- August 2012

I met Neil 12 years ago.  I was in a very dark place in my life and had been struggling to find help wherever I could.  I had seen a myriad of therapists and had been to more self-help groups than I could count and none had done more than deal with some of the surface issues.  A friend recommended Neil to me but I was very reluctant to see a male therapist - I didn't trust men and Neil was certainly no exception at the beginning.  In spite of my reservations, I kept going back and thank goodness I did.  Neil has guided me along a path that has led me out of the darkness that surrounded me 12 years ago.  I have learned not only to trust him (and he is supremely trustworthy) but to also trust other men.  In fact this summer I celebrated my first wedding anniversary with my new and wonderful husband.  I suffered from active food addiction and I no longer binge my way through difficult situations - in fact I have lost 40 pounds.  Every week that I see Neil I learn more and more about myself.  I have become a much healthier and happier person.  I will always be grateful for the wisdom and support that Neil has given me over the years.  Thank you Neil, from the bottom of my heart.

- October 2012


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