Experience Has Taught Us: 175 Missing Pieces: An Explorer's Guide Developing a Handbook on Life

Experience has taught usNeil Tubb offers this book to his fellow travelers as A Guide In The Journey Of Life. This book is for people who have been trying to change and have come across difficulties and road blocks along the way. Neil offers sign posts which help us navigate past our blind spots and conditioning to find true and permanent change. EHTU-175 helps us become who we are truly meant to be. Neil assures us we do not have to struggle alone. He guides us through the journey, providing a map, explaining the sign posts and sharing his experience. EHTU-175 is a book about a spiritual journey; about developing a relationship with self and about developing a relationship with those who are traveling with us on the spaceship called Earth.


Experience Has Taught Us: Searching For the Willingness To Change: The First Five Steps

Experience Has Taught Us - The Willingness to ChangeThis book evolved out of the simple necessity of needing a hands-on-guide to the first Five Steps: The Minnesota Model. What it does is provide a platform for anyone who wishes to begin to seriously and soulfully search themselves out and do the work of recovery. If this is what you need to do next for yourself, then this is a tool to use. The examination of the soulful aspects of self are universal and it really matters not whether or not this is about food, or alcohol or drugs or gambling or sex or obsession or compulsion or addiction, The Root Issues Are The Same. This tool allows you that opportunity to begin the process. The approach Neil uses in this book is not simply confined to the recovery process of AA or NA or any other single recovery process.


Zen and the Art of Walking Lightly: A Story of Spiritual Awakening

Zen and the Art of Walking LightlyNeil offers this book to people who are ready to make deep and lasting changes to their lives. At some point life requires us all to reassess our direction and make life altering choices. This can be brought about in a gentle loving way or by a life threatening event or trauma. Zen and the Art of Walking Lightly is designed to be a workshop we can experience in the comfort and safety of our own homes and at our own pace. This process introduces us to our deeper thoughts, wishes and beliefs and provides us with an opportunity to see ourselves differently so our world can begin to change. As a result we are able to redefine our long term goals, develop new strategies and become our true authentic self. Neil's experience provide invaluable guidance for traveling through this next chapter of life's journey.


Zen and the Art of Lost and Found: The Rare Earth Chronicles

Zen and the Art of Lost and Found - Rare Earth ChroniclesFor Suffering Is A State Of Mind Not A Condition Of Existence: Zen and the Art of Lost and Found: The Rare Earth Chronicles is a gentle opener to a world that most have been immersed in and mystified by since childhood. Its process brings to the surface the many variables of co dependency. It is a world that has been crazy-making for most for long stretches of time. This book is laid out in both narrative and workbook fashion that encourages the reader to become a participant and dig into the understanding of themselves.


Zen and the Art of Seeing Clearly: Perhaps for the First Time

Zen and the Art of Seeing ClearlyThe essence of the change and recovery process is the absolute necessity of seeing what it is that you have been "blind to" most of your life. It is a fact that to grow we must be able in some way come to terms with the hidden demons we carry. This is about not resolve but more so simply acknowledging life being what it is. Working from the along the fringe of our perception and looking back onto ourselves can be an interesting trip. It does not have to be complicated. Simply measured and understood from a different prospective. New and different is not as far away as many would like to think. It is effortful to get there, but not overly strenuous. Seeing Clearly provides the participant the opportunity of moving to new places within themselves for a different view of life.


Zen and the Art of the 5 Principles of the Journey: A Story of a Deep Spiritual Awakening

Zen and the Art of the 5 Principals of the JourneyThe essence of the change and recovery process is the absolute necessity of seeing what it is that you have been blind to for most of your life. Sometimes to be able to see what has not been noticed before one has to come to a place of seeing in a fashion that one might not have expected. Neil uses the subtley of the visual metaphor to call into place the deeper side of our vision and ability ... Zen and the Art of the 5 Prinicples gently calls the deeper aspect your your being into play ...


A Step Four and Five Guide

A fourth and fifth step guideA Step Four and Five Guide The essence of the change and recovery process is the absolute necessity of seeing what it is that you have been blind to for most of your life. A Step Four and Five Guide A Step Four and Five Guide is simply that, a way to do step four and five. This book is simply the by product of the material that I have handed out over the years to the people who struggled with their step work. It is simple and straightforward. It introduces the ideas and concepts of the this part of the process of recovery. It is simply a tool. Something to work with.


The Door

The DoorThis is a book/ workshop that Opens the Door to Your Creativity and Intuition. It broadens the concept outlined in the writings of Dr Richard Maurice Bucke, (Cosmic Consciousness published 1901; a Canadian progressive psychiatrist who practiced in London Ontario in the late 1890’s and early turn of the century). Bucke and his wife were good friends with Walt Whitman. Do you notice the chain of creativity? Bucke noticed something about the people he treated. They all had similar experiences of enlightenment and these experiences left them bewildered and overwhelmed for a period of time. Bucke at the time concluded that it was something that he thought could only happen spontaneously and had to happen before age 35. Bucke traced this phenomenon through history, pre Christ to his present day. Willis Harman and Howard Rheingold in their work did a similar historical accounting, except it was more the study of the expression of the nature of the genius as it turned up in the creative people of the day. What research told them was that the phenomena of Creative Insight/Intuition happens as a normal and natural occurrence evolving within the human psyche and spirit especially in a stimulated growth environment properly. When those doors open the individual’s creative genius abounds in such a way most would never have imagined possible. Both Bucke in his work and Harman and Rheingold in theirs points out that it can be a spontaneous event but as this phenomenon has been studied it has been found that it can be nurtured and prompted into breath through experiences. This workshop/book holds the opportunity.


Into The Light: Codependency a Spiritual Journey

Into the LightIt is a hand book on seeing deeply into Self.The shifts in preception I noticed, and the benchmarks I used to be able to see into my own blindspots. The Essense of the Change and Recovery Process is the Absolute Necessity of Seeing My Blind Spots







The Metaphor **incomplete**

Description coming


Sharbot: A Spy Story (coming soon)

Description coming


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